Why I Cancelled LastPass and Would Never Recommend It


Password management is critical in the modern world. People are subject to many forms of stressors and in the process one might just realize that they have forgotten that important password. On the other hand, the online platform is increasingly growing.

Different opportunities and deals arise over the internet each passing day. In many cases, subscriptions are necessary. One is then given passwords which they must always remember to access the services. However, cybercriminals are also present, baying for that simple mistake to steal your password and data. This means password managers are more important in the contemporary setup than they have ever been. LastPass and RoboForm are two password managers that are currently in use internationally.

While the two managers have many similarities, they have some vital distinctions that must be considered before settling on the ideal Password manager.

Reasons Why I Cancelled LastPass and Would Never Recommend It

While LastPass is an effective manager that works for many, I would not recommend it, especially if you are in a position to use RoboForm. History plays a major role in this decision. It is important that you consider the historical facts and reports about the two password managers.

In spite of the long existence in the market, users of RoboForm have not reported any security issues. On the contrary, LastPass has faced some rough security challenges in the past. I would be too cautious to choose a password manager with a flawed reputation. RoboForm is thus more secure compared to LastPass. The networks of the latter were breached and hackers went away with the email addresses, password reminders as well as the encrypted master passwords of the users. We believe that online password managers have a duty to help the daily users to become more secure because they make it easy for the users to set up complex varying passwords for various accounts without the task of having to remember all of them.

I would advise you to be careful of password managers like LastPass because it has proved to be weak.  While you may be led to believe that the breach of the system was an isolated case, history shows that the probability of the hackers striking again is very high. Therefore, it is better to take early precaution to guarantee the safety of your accounts (Kurimski, 2016).


Reasons Why I Chose RoboForm over LastPass

The multiplicity of password storage platforms is key. You need to be up and running at any time. The primary reason for using password managers is to guarantee efficiency and speed. The existence of multiple password backup sites is thus key when choosing a password manager. While LastPass only supports online backup of passwords, RoboForm has multiple places where passwords can be stored, either online or local based on one’s specific preferences. In addition, RoboForm has a free support for Blackberry, Android, iPad, iPhones and many others while this kind of support is going to cost you $12 with LastPass.

Lastly, I chose RoboForm over LastPass because it offers a different encryption algorithm. The algorithms are trusted and are used to protect sensitive data by the US government and military. Therefore, using RoboForm means your passwords are as safe as classified government communications. Some of the encryption algorithms used include AES, DES, BlowFish, RC6 and 3DES. Generally, I do not like the way LastPass works. I believe RoboForm has had a long presence in the field and has the expertise and experience to protect client data.


I Am Now Using RoboForm and I Would Recommend You Use It Too

I wanted a password manager that had a good reputation and that was safe for my classified data. This need made me to switch from LastPass to RoboForm. The latter is much cheaper than LastPass, and is surprisingly better in virtually all ways imaginable. Firstly, let’s talk about the centrality of secure systems which guarantee the security of your classified data. The idea behind password managers is to keep you safe and to eliminate the need to remember multiple passwords. It is also important that you understand how these systems work. Ideally, a password manager is a platform that protects all your passwords using one master password strong enough to prevent breaches but easy enough for the user to remember. This basically means that hackers can access all you sensitive data and accounts if they can get their hands on your master password. Based on this information, you should now understand why reputation is key.

LastPass has a tainted past marred with cases of system breaches by cyber criminals. I cannot imagine a scenario in which criminals can access my data at will. This is where RoboForm comes in. My friend assured me that he had been secure for a long time since he started on it and was not going to migrate because there is no better password manager than RoboForm.  While I was initially happy to use LastPass, I was skeptical about the auto-login feature of the password manager. Take for instance a case where you automatically log into your account from a shared computer which automatically saves passwords. It basically means you are at a greater risk than you can imagine. RoboForm works much differently and has no such feature as auto login. It thus means that user security is an uttermost priority in RoboForm compared to LastPass.

Within the current economic landscape, it is also important to consider the costs involved in using RoboForm and LastPass. I believe that the former is much less expensive compared to LastPass. Ideally, both RoboForm and LastPass are “free” password managers. However, one has to subscribe to premium status to access additional features which are essential for guaranteed security. From this angle of premium usage, one begins to see economic sense in choosing RoboForm over LastPass. The latter charges annual fee of $12 while RoboForm charges users a one-time fee of $29. If the cost is calculated over a five year period, a LastPass user will have forked out $60 while their counterparts using RoboForm will have used only $29 which is less than 50%.

I must admit that I loved LastPass and never imagined leaving it. However, I had to leave it. I had an unforgettable experience with the software when its plugins suddenly became incompatible with my computer. I would often get java prompts about my plugins were out of date. This basically meant I was stressed to access my password. I wondered if the software was meeting its intended purpose of reliving me the stress of remembering passwords, or whether it was actually promoting stress development. I knew I had to quit since I couldn’t withstand such annoying experiences.


The Big Problem with LastPass Compared with RoboForm

LastPass has been a very good password manager. However, there have been several reports concerning how they have refused to have vulnerability fixed. Originally the tool used SH256 as a way that passwords were turned into an encryption key. In addition, there videos from the company that said that the user needed to randomly enter eight character passwords that included upper, lower and digits for more security.

Later users could be asked by the LastPass server for a double SHA256 of a password for them to log in. When I noticed this as well as other minor bugs and reported about three times without any action being taken, I received a PSA requiring me not to use LastPass. This signifies a firm that hardly takes into account client concerns, a firm that takes clients’ complaints for granted.

I bet you would not want to be taken for granted especially if the issue involved is the security of your classified data.


I Recommend You Use RoboForm

Compared to LastPass that has a small pop-up window that you might ignore, RoboForm has a big pop-up window that you can quickly recognize and log yourself in or save a password. Even when the purposes of the pop-up windows from both LastPass and RoboForm are similar, you are better placed with RoboForm because you quickly log in to your accounts and can get on with your business.


Pros and Cons for LastPass vs. Pros and Cons for RoboForm

I have worked with LastPass in the past and it served me quite well. Like RoboForm, it is compatible with windows, Blackberry, Mac, Linux, iPhones as well as Android. LastPass also allows for unlimited logins while the firm has also worked hard to develop an excellent password report. However, LastPass has many cons which include poor reputation due to past security breaches, poor customer services, and duplicated entries due to multiple password inputs among others. In addition, setting up multifactor authentication is quite difficult when using LastPass (LastPass, 2016).

On the other hand, RoboForm has a new version that includes mobile and the batch login permits the user to log into many sites at once. However, it has no option for importing passwords on Mac. For users that use their passwords basically on their windows systems, then I would recommend you to go for RoboForm since it offers passwords management that are completely featured as well as an accompanying automatic software for filling forms at a very reasonable cost.

For many years, RoboForm has been receiving great compliment from PC Magazine despite the competition. For users that would prefer storing their passwords in their personal systems, RoboForm is the best option, especially for Windows. Unlike LastPass, the plug-ins for both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox enables RoboForm to work very well with browsers.

Since I started using RoboForm, I have no plans of switching from it as the dropbox keeps passwords for my window systems in sync.


How to Use RoboForm and Get the Most Out of It

RoboForm has got an easy to use interface and can be accessed from anywhere. With these features, it makes life very easy and secure. To maximize on RoboForm, the first step is to download and install the free RoboForm software. Besides, there is no credit card that is attached in downloading and installing RoboForm.

The next thing you do is to choose the master password that you will be needed to recall. It is a password that encrypts and secures all the data in the RoboForm. The software does not store anyone’s master password and this is why you are always required to remember it.

The next steps are quite simple and voluntary. Whenever you surf the internet, and log into websites, Roboform automatically asks whether it can save your login information and you simply accept.


Overall if you are going to use a password manager to keep all of your personal and business logins safe and secure then I highly recommend RoboForm. Although LastPass has had a lot of work put into it, and don’t get me wrong it is a great product, the past history of it has made me move to RoboForm and I haven’t looked back since.


I hope this article has provided you with expert knowledgeable and some insight into why I cancelled LastPass and recommend you do the same. If you want to purchase RoboForm I would really appreciate if you used my links as it really helps me out.

See you soon for the next BreakthruSunday report.


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